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by Nina Raine

This a theoretical costume design assignment. Students were asked to choose a play or musical and design costumes for two characters.

The two characters I chose to design for were the plays leads: Billy and Sylvia. This play is set in Britain and for this assignment I have set the time period as the 1940s. 

Britain in the 1940s has a rich history. This year was dominated by the second world war. Unsurprisingly this heavily affected the fashion industry.


In the 1940s mens suits were plain in style due to a shortage of materials. Suit colors were usually in muted tones. 

Men also often wore knitted v-neck tank-tops

Clothes rationing began in 1941, this was the birth of "utility clothing"

British women's fashion consisted of a wardrobe of knee-length dresses, skirts, and blouses with colorful fabrics and prints. The shape was triangular, with broad shoulders and a nipped waist

Women also wore luminous broaches and buttons that made the wearer more visible during "blackouts"

(pictured in the corner).

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