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The Ballerina Painting by

Rosario Piazz

This is a theoretical sound design assignment. Students were asked to  choose a piece of artwork and create a sound design to go alongside it. 

The Ballerina Painting MPO
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My interpretation of this piece as that of a dancer in a rehearsal room. I imagine the blurred background and the dancers closed eyes to be an indicator that she is in a trance like state. She allows her body to move and react to the music and lets it take over her senses. 


 The introductory cord is purposefully dissonant. It establishes the dissonance found in life. I imagine the following notes to be the dancers first steps. The quality of the notes are legato to emphasize the dancer allowing their body to be slowly swept away from the real world into another realm. The consistent humming in the background (created by my space heater!) grounds the piece and serves as a reminder of the physical location.

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